Property Styling

“The expression “Home is where the heart is” could not be more poiniant and relevant than today during these modern times. We are all so busy, never unplugged, always unrested. Therefore it is imperative that when we are at home, we feel at ease, comfortable and in control. Our homes are an extension of who we are and the lifestyles we choose to live. If you are a busy corporate and seek solace when at home, then let the space award this to you through comfort, light, balance. If you entertain a lot, then let the space become more inviting, vibrant, organised. It’s all up to you. I am here to make it work to suit YOU” – Simonne

Curation & Styling / Residential Revamps

Check out examples below of property styling by Simonne of varying styles and budgets:

4 Bedroom Penthouse condo

Date: 2019
Location: Singapore

There’s only one word for this job – “Tropulence”. A look that is opulent but always referencing the Singaporean tropical lifestyle. Just because you live in the tropics doesn’t mean your house has to be overly casual, filled with only elements of linen, raffia and wood. This brief was about luxe and glamour while still being comfortable and livable. Bringing the outdoors inside maintaining flare and sophistication.

One Bedroom Inner City Apartment

Date: 2016
Location: Collingwood, VIC, Australia

A complete revamp of a small one bedroom apartment. Client had a low budget but Simonne managed to do everything from sourcing to styling & also buying of all items for under $3000!

Heritage listed terrace home, Inner City

Date: 2017
Location: North Carlton, VIC, Australia

A double-storey 100 year old renovated terrace. The brief was to honor the heritage of the building while still elevating it to modern luxury – with an edge! The result was like a high-end hotel yet it still felt like a home.

Outdoor Living Area, Singapore

Date: 2019
Location: Dempsey, Singapore

This job started out as a small outdoor balcony living space but quickly took on momentum into the indoor lounge and dining! Low budget with high impact. Casual elegance through texture, plants and pops of the tropics in conjunction with unique yet consistently hung wall art.

Kids bedrooms

Date: Various
Location: Various – (Australia & Singapore)

Always a joy to procure and style special pieces and create concepts for children’s bedrooms. Here is a mix: You’ll see a warm and cozy room where the Woodlands meet the farmyard using unique wall decals, toys & art ; A small boys room that packs a punch in a Navajo inspired theme with orange highlights, great bed linen & wall prints; and finally, a little girls room with a lot of attitude using bold pops of colour and prints mixed back with jute and velvet textures.