Fashion Styling

“Know yourself, know your style”

“At this stage of my life, I have decided to focus solely on styling as I find this most rewarding. The best part of styling for me is helping people feel more confident through personal expression. Fashion can be perceived as a superficial and materialistic industry and, at times, it can be. However, it is important to recognise fashion as a valid and important form of human expression which has stood the test of time. At its core, fashion is a projection to the world of who we are, and how we feel about ourselves. I always make a point of saying to my clients, “know yourself, know your style”. It starts with you. You are already beautiful, unique and inspiring….my job is just to help shine an even brighter light on you” – Simonne

Bio Highlights

Freelance stylist

Fashion styling – Celebrity & personal one-on-one consultations

Buyer & Product Developer

For major brands, including Sportsgirl, Target Edward Meller, Giallo

Founder & Head Designer

Monsi, an Australian based fashion label for women